Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crafty Christmas: The first key holder

First of all, I apologize for my disappearance. I hadn't forgotten about blogging, it was just my projects were taking over that I didn't have time to blog.... but that means I have plenty to talk about now!

This Christmas, I was all about having a crafty Christmas.... which meant I made the majority of my presents. I loved doing this and being able to present unique gifts to my family and friends. Plus, you can't return it when your face is on it, right? :-)

A while back, I had been reading one of my favorite wedding websites where someone blogged about their new wood burner. Of course I wanted one... but I needed to find a use for it before I would give myself permission to purchase one. So I did what every obsessed crafter would do... find projects that would use a wood burner so that I could make this purchase.

I decided to make key holders! This has been something I've been thinking (and researching) about purchasing for a while as gifts, but now I would just make them. The first one I actually did in September when sister P moved in with her boyfriend. (He has a new name though... we will now call him F-Bil!)

For this project, I used wood, scrapbook paper, paint, and my wood burner! Of course a little photo shop was utilized too so I could get the outlines of their faces. This particular project also utilized beads to use for the edging.

this was taken off of my cell phone- before I got my Joey.

I was pretty happy with this, although I really wanted to use an old fashioned key... which I could not find!
I went to Hobby Lobby- and nothing. I went to Michaels and the power was out and so they wouldn't let me in. I went to Joann's and nothing. I went to a different Joann's and nothing. This was quite the shopping experience. Eventually I gave up and did what I did and sent it out. The next night.... I went to Michael's for something else (the power was back on)... and guess what I found!

Yep, the keys. Between September and the next two that were done for Christmas, some of the look has changed... but overall, I like them all. Do you want to see the next two? Well, you're going to have to check back later!

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