Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabulous Folded Flowers (aka Origami)

As you saw with the fortune tellers, I love creating things out of paper. It feels like you are making something from nothing. While I can't say that I have spent a load of time doing origami, it is something that I have always appreciated and admired. It is a long standing Hawaiian tradition to have 1001 Origami cranes at birthdays and weddings as a symbol of good luck. It got me thinking that I should explore origami as part of the wedding decoration. After some searching, I found this tutorial that taught me how to make paper flowers. Five petals and one flower later, I was hooked!

We were going to have some logistical problems though. I need to start working on the flowers in Ireland, otherwise they would never be done in time for the US wedding. Shipping them wouldn't make sense as it would just add to a budget we were trying to cut down. In the end, we did all of the folding in Ireland, leaving them flat for carrying with us to the US, and did all of the gluing in the US and it worked perfectly.

All you need to make these beauties are paper, glue gun, and patience. (Patience if you are making 150 of them for a large occasion, otherwise you can go ahead and chuck the patience right out the won't need it)!

When choosing the paper for these flowers, don't choose something too thick. I used a velvet adorned paper from Laura Ashley that in all honesty was a little too heavy. It made the folding more difficult than it needed to be, even though the result was beautiful!

Here are some examples of the finished products:

These flowers can have many many purposes. We used them at each place setting as a way to add color to the tables. They can be used as gift tags, or clumped together as a faux bouquet. Depending on the paper you use, they can be seasonal as well. And if you are a young boy, you will think of even more inventive ways to use your flower:

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