Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Particularly Pretty Pinwheels

*We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to discuss blog titles. Currently I am on an alliteration kick and I apologize...I really just can't help myself. It's something that I have enjoyed since I was a wee child and I must warn you now that they won't always make sense, but you probably knew that already?

We got married in the Embassy Suites and I loved the reception area. It was long and skinny with terraces at both ends. It provided the perfect areas for dancers, sitters, smokers, and chatters. What I didn't love about the room was the chairs. I loathed them in fact. Seeing them reminded me of every conference session I had ever sat through...when the meeting lasts about 10 minutes longer than your bum could take sitting on that chair. We looked at renting other chairs, but the cost could not be justified. Even the cost of chair covers, bordered on offensive, but in the end we went with them and the price justified the return. What I couldn't spring for however were the bows. They cost more than adding Guinness to the Open Bar. How is that possible you ask? I have no idea and this was one bride that could live without big lovely tulle bows.

The chairs needed something though and that's when I remembered pinwheels. Again, this is another simple craft I made countless times as a child. With updated and fancified materials it was a great finishing touch for the chairs, that by the end of the night turned into hats and necklaces for the guests. One of the things I loved most about having made so much of the decor was the fun the guests had with it all.

What you need:
Glue Gun
Center of wheel (button, pebble, wood heart, etc)

Cut the paper into 12 inch x 3inch strips - you will need two per pinwheel.

Fold the paper in a fanlike accordion (the folds should be about 1/2 inch apart). Glue the ends of the two strips together. Then glue the remaining ends together, leaving you with a large circle.

Press the edges in together and secure with glue. Once dry and stiff, glue the button (or other item) to the center.

Glue ribbon to the back of pinwheel.

Use as chair backs, attach to gifts, make a beautiful garland, the possibilities are endless and again like so many of the other ideas, depending on what paper you choose, these can be made to be seasonal!

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