Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tilly is a Wisconsinite.

This is a quick break from the deer postings... bigger things are happening today.

As you are probably aware, I'm a Wisconsin girl. And the longer that I don't live in Wisconsin, the more Wisconsin I become. Don't get me wrong... I cheered for the Packers when I was younger. I had the Sweet 16 Green Bay Packer's playoff birthday... in which I made accurate football player sugar and molasses cookies. The ENTIRE team. I wrote my Green Bay gear as appropriate especially when I was working at Manderfield's Home Bakery on Saturdays. I even had this horrible poster on the backside of my closet door. 

This isn't a great quality but it was the only one I could find out there... and when I say the backside of the door, its a bit of a stretch. It was actually the front, but when Sissy P decided to put it on there, I came up with the great idea of it being on the front... because we never shut our closet door. So therefore I would never have to look at it. So yes, I am a Wisconsin girl. Point made.

Tilly is as well. This might be the lesser known fact. I got her when I was working in Detroit.... but I waited for Christmas time that year, and went to a nice Wisconsin farm and picked her out. It was her or her brothers Milton and Winston (I named them). I kind of wanted a girl because a dog with long hair would have bows. And boy dogs with bows was silly. I also held her and she stuck her nose between my face and shoulder and  cuddled with me. She also has the same hair color as me. So it made it easy... she was to be mine. 

So today, I got ready.... got on my Packer shirt. Realized I had an orange tank top on underneath and changed that (there was absolutely no cheering for the Bears today)... verified that undergarments were pink and not salmon (TMI?) and determined I was set. Then I looked at the dog. She was running around being all perky and happy since she could tell I wasn't going anywhere today... but something was wrong with her. It was something that bothered me last week as well during the game. And something I had a plan for... she needed a Packer cheerleader outfit. I tried to even fix this problem earlier in the week by doing some online shopping. But they don't make dog packer cheerleader outfits. So I figured I would make one. That was going to take me sometime though so I figured that could be the Super Bowl project (And it will be!).
So Tilly and I went searching through her clothes... she has pink, she had red, she has black.. but no green! Or Yellow! Then I looked around me and realized I have the craft supplies of my own Joann's store. Plus tons of felt and embroidery thread from my current project (another blog, I promise). So I did what any (sane?) Packer fan would do the morning before the game.... I made her the appropriate scarf! Then I made my game day party food (for a party of one). And then we cheered... and cheered... and cheered the Packers to VICTORY!

My little Wisconsinite Packer Puppy.

It looks like there might be a Packer Cheerleader outfit in my future... It's Superbowl time!

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