Friday, January 28, 2011

Carl and I are moving to the United States. It still blows my mind!

We are in the process getting his Visa and sometime during this year we will be making the big transition from life in Ireland to life in the US of A. We are really excited....and terrified...and happy...and sad, a range of emotion that comes and goes in waves of hysteria.

A few nights ago Carl and I were walking back from the cinema and like so many of our conversations recently, talk turned to America. Instead of getting too serious, I teased him saying it would be his turn to get used to all of the little differences that he'll find in America. Two hours later and we were still listing all of the things that I found surprising or downright shocking as an expatriate.

As I was falling asleep later, I thought about my life in Ireland. After 9 years, I still don't understand some of the vocab and references, I still get surprised by what I can't get at the grocery store, and I am still learning so much about this country I have had a love-hate relationship with and am about to say goodbye to.

As a swan-song to this lush green land and as a way to record things I don't want to forget, I am going dedicate one blog a week to life in Ireland. I asked Carl for help with a title for this section and he came up A Cead Mile Differences. Cead Mile Failte means a hundred million welcomes and it is used in Ireland all of the time, Cead Mile Differences is a little play on words. A hundred million differences.

Some will be funny, some will be sad, and some will seem downright bizarre, but I hope you will enjoy learning about life in the Eire.

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  1. I can't wait to read all about it! Miss you and love you like crazy!