Monday, October 8, 2012


Is it me you're looking for?  Or is anyone even out there?  I thought I would bring back some new life to this blog and see if we can get things kick started again!

Speaking of new life, I realized since my last post I have a little new life in my life.  (well, not so NEW anymore, but 13 months new...)  He's been quite the project, and probably my best so far!

He's a handsome little fella...
I also have another new project-baby...
Hurray new house! projects have been kinda hidden for a while and unblogged.  :(  And I have gone a little "Pinning Crazy" on pinterest.  So I figured I needed to jump back on the blog and keep myself accountable.  My goal is to get one project a week done.  At least one.  Hopefully. 

Coming list.  (I started this post a couple weeks ago and have changed some goals and actually completed some of the projects I had on there already...)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's mini me!

This summer, there is a lack of people living in my building, so we needed to keep track if people were here or not. First we were going to just find three different magnets, but then the light bulb went off.... We needed magnets that looked like us.... So here you go!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Burp Catcher

Back again for another baby-stuff-making installment! I have definitely been slowing down my crafting and have not really accomplished much since I made these burp cloths several weeks ago. But I am in love with them so far (we will see how functional I find them...) so I figured I should share!

So I had some flannel left over from the circle quilt I made (and some that didn't quite make the cut to be put on the quilt...) and bought some microfiber (super dooper soft) dish towels from Family Dollar for $1. I sewed them together and here you have it! I started looking at a tutorial and then decided that it was easy enough that I would just wing it. (weird)I thought it looked too...hmmm, whats the word...flowy maybe? So I semi-quilted it by doing a big cross and an X across it to keep the fabric a little tighter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Clothes Keeper

This week/weekend was a pulling things together kinda time. I finished up some projects and tried to put things away just so I felt more together and I didn't feel like I was lying when I was asked for the 500th time, is the baby's room ready? I think I am about ready to truthfully say yes! I finished up the dresser this week. Which proved to be more difficult than anticipated. It seems that this 500 year old monster (not really...but still super old) did not want to follow the normal drawer pull rules. According to Home Depot there are 8 standard drawer pull widths. This guy's width was partway between the biggest 2 sizes. (I do feel for it is rough being between sizes...) So I ended up having to use knobs on the entire things. Which is fine with me, I had kinda wanted to do that anyways...

So for the big reveal...

Compared to....
Not too shabby! And here is the finished (for the most part...I need to organize that bookcase a little bit...) product for the far wall of the room. (you can see a little of one of my next projects in the mirror, but I will have to go into that one later because I am at a point where I need to run to joann's to get some more upholstery tacks...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thong Stories from the Past and Present- a continuation

Once upon a time I was an incoming freshman student heading off to college. This is one of those stories that cracks me up... and is a bit embarrassing, but I'll share anyway. It is also one of those stories that I sometimes use to remind myself when I have questions from incoming students that I have to remind myself "No question is a stupid question".... because well, let's be honest. Sometimes they are. However; I will also state that I never called and ask one of the admissions counselors, housing people, or academic advisers this question. So there. I still didn't ask a stupid question.

Circles and Drawers!

Hey guys, back for another installment of my crafting summer! I took a break this weekend (from was a super busy end of the week/weekend) but I started up again with some fire yesterday! I finished my quilt! It actually ended up being easier than i had anticipated and should not have been this long drawn out process since February when I began with the first step. I just got too ADD for it all and took over lots of projects in between steps. But I did it!

I'm awful

Oh guys, I stink at this. It's not that I'm not crafting, it's that I often forget to take pictures throughout, or, if I remember, I'm TERRIBLE about uploading them onto my computer. I'm going to make this happen though!

Projects to come:

Christmas decor (yikes....)
OAMC - my new favorite thing
An apron for my friend's bridal shower
Progress on my craft room.

I think that's it. There will be a post up before I'm allowed to sleep tonight!

Sorry I've been so MIA....but I'm enjoying all of your projects!