Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding your Fortune

First let me apologize for a very long absence. I thought when I returned from the Honeymoon I would have more time and I think in the technical sense, that was probably true. I have learned though, that having more time can sometimes lead to getting less done. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Not that I wasn't busy for the last many (many) weeks, I was. Plus we got snow in Dublin. More snow than has ever been recorded in the history of this usually snow free capital city and right when we recovered from the snow, we got more snow. It was beautiful and frustrating and wonderful all at once. Annnnnd in my last defense of an excuse I have also been waiting for wedding pictures to come back to have good visuals for some of the crafts we used. Pictures are here, I am mentally back, and I am back to blogging!

For our wedding, we really wanted it to be a celebration of us as a couple with the people we love. We wanted the people who were making the effort to join us for this weekend to feel at every turn how much we appreciated them being with us. With that in mind we wanted our wedding budget to go towards great location, delicious food, rockin' music and lots of booze. We also wanted everything to be beautiful, but were shocked and amazed at the current price for mainstream beauty. So we were rebels and we bucked as much of the system as we could. This was our wedding and we were in charge. In the coming days I will be sharing with you ways that we cut on budget without compromising a beautiful and inviting wedding reception.

To ease in, we are starting with a small project that is applicable to all types of parties, not just weddings. Because I knew there would be a lot of people at the wedding who had not met Carl very often, we wanted to make sure that everyone felt like they knew us as a couple. Enter the fortune teller. Do you remember being small and making the little finger majiggies that you would put numbers and colors on and write in your fortune and spend hours playing with friends? I used to make them out of any type of paper laying around. And as I got older, I continued to make them and play with them out in bars and such. We decided they would be a perfect accent to the reception tables, as well as a great talking point for people who might not know each other that well.

They were easy enough to make. I made a template in InDesign, found some lovely and inexpensive marbled paper on line, and printed them in black and white. The total cost was $10.00 but the entertainment value was priceless!

These would be great at birthday parties, baby showers, training days, and even holiday dinners. They can be filled with fortunes, trivia questions, or fun facts. I am attaching the template that I used as a guide and photos of the final product.



  1. Welcome Back! Also, I was surfing Annie's pictures on facebook tonight and saw Carl's name tag at what I'm guessing was the rehearsal dinner. Cracked me up! Loved it.

  2. I'm curious, what kind of things did you put inside?

  3. Hi Kendra! We put questions about us as a couple. What nicknames do we have for each other, how did we meet, what did we do for our first date, etc. We also put the answers in so people would know if they were right or not! We also managed to squeeze in some small pics of us over the years with the questions.