Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Guilt Trip

Family at the Thanksgiving Feasting Table

I love Thanksgiving. So much. I am a food lover, a picky food lover, but a food lover nonetheless. And this year was probably the best food year I have had at Thanksgiving.

Mostly because I am a sucker for appetizers. We had about 4 hours of grazing through appetizers before dinner. (which was considered a secondary meal as no one was THAT fact if you only saw my plate for dinner you would think of me as a wimp...2 pieces of turkey and a little bit of orange fluff.) But of course all good things must come to an end and after the food coma wears off...the stupid scale starts calling my name and telling me how much it misses me...

Posing With My Cousin Enjoying His Food Coma

But I still managed to have just one more day of gloriousness and have Leftover Friday before healthy had to work itself back into my life...

Yum yum Leftover Friday!!
Which Led to Another Food Coma
(Matt is actually awake...but Oj was pretending to be asleep...his new trick)

So that brings us to today. This week I should say. Healthy recipe week!! I need to get back on the healthy train and I actually have the evenings off and can be a good old fashioned housewife that cooks and stuff! I know...crazy...

Today we are having Salsa Turkey Burgers. One of my favs and one that my husband actually really likes. (WEIRD!) And it is only 330 calories per burger (including the bun...because you can't have a good burger without a bun)! yay!! I can have multiples!!

Here are the ingredients:

1.25 lbs of ground turkey
10 tbsp of salsa
hamburger buns

And super easy to cook...mix the turkey and salsa together...grill on George (the George Foreman grill in case you are not on a first name basis with him as I am...)...put the burger on the bun and slap on some guacamole and VOILA!

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