Monday, January 10, 2011

Crafty Christmas: The other key holders

So as I mentioned in the last post, I finally had found the I knew that I needed to purchase some of those. Sister P and F-Bil had also mentioned in my Seattle visit that sometimes it likes to fall off the wall... so bigger picture hangers were a must! Finally, I needed to find the perfect papers for it all.... so off I went searching again. While I was out in my many craft runs, I found picture frames for scrap booking. I bought that because I thought it would be cool to make K&P's to look like it was a wall. I ended up using that for Allison's and the McHubby's as well! 

When searching for paper for Allison, I found this really cool paper with cutouts, that I thought may look nice because it would let some of the wood show through. Here is the official McHubby & Allison key holder:

Notice the wood showing through! And the key! I had some help picking these pictures though... Allison likes to know things... so while I wouldn't tell her what I was doing, I let her pick the pictures, I would photoshop them and then she would get to see the photo-shopped version to see if she liked it. I don't think she knew she was going to be wood burned though!

As I mentioned for K&P, I wanted to make it look like wall paper. Also, when I was in Seattle, I found the hangers that you see there for World Market! I was very happy, especially since Michigan closed their World Markets... or maybe its the other way.... but anyway- I have none!

Here is the final key product for them....

For theirs, I used one of their engagement pictures that they had taken in 2010... so I put them together. When I added the hooks though, the ugly screws showed, so a heart with their first initial on it solved that issue and told them who's keys belong to whom! I also had a small mishap in which the paper ended up with a rip in it.... so I decided to add some old world charm to the project and rip the paper in a few places and then used my new xyron machine to attach it to the wood... PERFECT! I loved how the end product looked. Thanks Mom for my early xyron birthday present!

And this concludes the first of the wood burning presents. I have one more to share with you- this time its not a key one though!

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