Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Deer.

So this is the story of a deer, a girl, a dream, and a F-BIL.

Way back in September (maybe end of August), Sissy P and F-BIL were going to go to a Seahawks/Packer game in Seattle. This was a perfect opportunity for Sissy P to actually see the Packers play... and F-BIL likes the Seahawks, although he kind of did a Packer fan look that day with a hidden Seahawks jersey. Well anyway, this picture appeared shortly after on F-BIL's facebook page of someone they had seen at the game.

Yes, its ridiculous. A true Packer fan that man was....

So I may have said something to F-BIL along the lines of, "Wow, now we know what you'll be looking for when you visit Wisconsin next time."

His response? "Well if I had this, I would mount it on the wall and tell everyone that I had caught it stealing my cheese out of the refrigerator, so I killed him."

Now for a few people, this would mean that they would giggle and move on. Others may find the hat and purchase it for F-BIL. And then there are other sorts of people... people like me. Any guesses what I would do?

Stay tuned...

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