Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oh Deer. Part Two.

What would this girl do? Why, she would build it. Or first she would dream about building it... and try to come up with a plan.

Well the plan started out with a cardboard deer head. That was pretty cool... but it needed to be better, so I then looked up paper mache and found this recipe.

Now we were talking!

So off to Hobby Lobby I went to get my supplies... and then it was time to cut!

After cutting all of the pieces and putting them together, I used masking tape to fill in the empty space left behind.

I also decided I didn't like the antlers that were made out of poster board, and so I cut them out and rebuilt them with wire, foil, and tape. Finally I added a wood piece in on the back to make it easier later to attach to the wooden wall holder you would eventually see.

Next up.... time to add the paper mache and probably give this deer some hair!

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