Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's mini me!

This summer, there is a lack of people living in my building, so we needed to keep track if people were here or not. First we were going to just find three different magnets, but then the light bulb went off.... We needed magnets that looked like us.... So here you go!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Burp Catcher

Back again for another baby-stuff-making installment! I have definitely been slowing down my crafting and have not really accomplished much since I made these burp cloths several weeks ago. But I am in love with them so far (we will see how functional I find them...) so I figured I should share!

So I had some flannel left over from the circle quilt I made (and some that didn't quite make the cut to be put on the quilt...) and bought some microfiber (super dooper soft) dish towels from Family Dollar for $1. I sewed them together and here you have it! I started looking at a tutorial and then decided that it was easy enough that I would just wing it. (weird)I thought it looked too...hmmm, whats the word...flowy maybe? So I semi-quilted it by doing a big cross and an X across it to keep the fabric a little tighter.