Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweets for the Sweet

After the excitement of the engagement wore off, I spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what our wedding favours should be. Some people (websites, blogs, and etiquette books) say the favour really isn't necessary, but I can't help but disagree. When a good wedding comes to an end and they play the last song there is a certain sadness that the end of such a happy occasion has arrived...having something to take with you is a teeny tiny way to make the celebration last a little longer.

I love food. And Carl and I together love to have a sweetie (his word, not mine :) after dinner when we're snuggled in on the couch. Right away I knew I wanted our favor to be edible. If I lived in the same country we were get married in, I would have seriously considered baking our favour (and probably driving myself insane in the process). But alas it wasn't to be. The more wedding blogs I read and the more candy buffets I saw, I knew that I would have one. It wasn't practical, it wasn't as budget friendly as some other options might have been, but all that seemed inconsequential because somewhere worlds collided and our fate was sealed.

Making the candy buffet was a collaborative process. My dad and step mom found all of the lovely glass in North Carolina. I ordered the candy in bulk a few weeks before the wedding to my mom's house. My sister and I created the banners and the candy labels. Our Day of Coordinator actually did all of the displaying of the candy (it was eye candy too - so pretty). And the guests, well the guests did an amazing job of eating the candy.

I am including links below to the tools I used to created it all. The banners are from Martha Stewart and I first learned of them when my sister used them for the awesome Bridal Shower that she and Amy threw me.

Needless to say Candy translates to every occasion: birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, barbecues, snow days! I have seen small candy buffets and large ones, monocolour or multicolour, all chocolate or all gummy...whatever your tummy desires!

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