Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quick Little Project While I Felt Motivated...

So I was a crafting machine last weekend. I decided that we needed to have a better system for our incoming mail. Ok, any system would be better than the drop it on the table and let it pile up. But when I was researching baby projects I wanted to work on (which by the way has grown from my last list...) I saw some tutorials for different organizers for the nursery, living room, recipes...and I thought, hey I can do that. Of course I chose to go without a pattern and just use whatever I had....and so I don't really have measurements for anything. I made the width of the pockets enough to fit a few card sized envelopes and just went with it. And then I had a smaller piece of fabric I used to make a little spot for coupons...

So I didn't really take any pictures of the process...but I layered the fabric and then folded the fabric from the back around to make a binding for the front. I also created a loop that I used to hand up on our key holder. (Look familiar?)
And here it is with our collection of mail from the was not too out of control because we just cleaned... (It is organized with Matt's mail, My mail, Bills to be paid, and case you were curious...)

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