Monday, June 20, 2011

How I MacGyvered My Thong: A Surprise Craft Project

It started out a pretty normal afternoon. I had just left the dentist and was heading back to my car, thinking about my newly cleaned teeth and the fact that I was going to head out to Joann's. I decided I needed a new project, and figured I would wander around until I found something, once I got there. So as I said, I was walking when suddenly something didn't feel right. I tried to figure out what it was, when suddenly it became apparent. The little string part- the area that probably has the most tension had been ripped.

Now this became very frustrating as I searched for a resolution. I knew that this must be fixed before I continued on my journey... just how? First I found Tilly's water bottle that had a plastic piece that served as a hook. I thought I could maybe attach it to hold the pieces together. However, it didn't seem to be working, plus could you imagine walking with that? That wouldn't be comfortable at all, and could possibly involve some serious chaffing.

I thought about going back into the dentist's office and asking for some tape or something, but I thought that the lady would look at my really funny... and I didn't want to have to explain this entire situation to her.

Then I decided to look in my trunk for some random supplies. There I found an umbrella! Perfect. On the umbrella was a string and a split ring. I thought I could maybe work with this... I took the string and attached it to the string part of my thong- knotting it to hopefully hold into place. Then I took the split ring and attached it as much as I could to the top. I hoped that this would work so I could continue on to Joann's without any major difficulty.

Like I said, I was looking for a craft project- just didn't realize this was going to be it. Are you curious what happened next? Well stay tuned- the finale of the story along with pictures will be coming soon!

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