Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Circles and Drawers!

Hey guys, back for another installment of my crafting summer! I took a break this weekend (from crafting...it was a super busy end of the week/weekend) but I started up again with some fire yesterday! I finished my quilt! It actually ended up being easier than i had anticipated and should not have been this long drawn out process since February when I began with the first step. I just got too ADD for it all and took over lots of projects in between steps. But I did it!

Here was my tutorial/inspiration (as I don't follow directions well...): Bijou Lovely Circle Quilt
And here is my very sparsely photographed process... First I ironed on the interfacing (new to me, I always skip this step, but decided I should do it because it would make the circles less likely to unravel.) Then I cut out all of the circles and admired them for a while...

Then I placed them on the white in the order I liked best.
Then I waited about 3 months before I cut out the squares and sewed the circles on. Then I sewed all the rows together, stuck an old fleece blanket between the front and the back and quilted down the row line. I also opted to make my own binding, which was not that difficult, but not EXACTLY what I dreamed of, but it worked. And then I had my finished quilt! (Yeah it has a red binding and I took the picture on the red rug...oops, you get the idea...)
And for my next project...a little preview! Meet my childhood dresser (that was pretty darn old when it began its life with me) that has been living its lonely life in a storage unit for the last several years after being deserted in the basement...poor little guy! But I am showing it some love by giving it a shiny black paint job and some new knobs and pulls! Stay tuned!

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