Friday, June 10, 2011

Dotty Spotty Glider...Part One: The Footstool

So I finally found the material I bought for the glider! Yay!! So I figured the footstool would be the easiest part to begin with... When I saw that it involved no sewing I was slightly scared, though I really don't know how I could have thought that it would need sewing. Basically all it takes is cutting a big rectangle and then sticking it on. It was stapled, but this crafty girl does not not own a staple gun. Weird. So I decided to play with upholstery tacks. So I bought some cute white circle ones to go with the fabric. And then went to work!

Here is the before shot...

Then I pulled the fabric off to find another layer of denim wonder the lady I bought it from recovered it... And laid out the fabric to make a pattern for the rectangle.

So the pushing of the upholstery pins into the base was a lot more difficult than my happy go lucky mind imagined it would be....why i thought it would be like pushing tacks into corkboard I don't know... But i ended up needing a hammer and was getting frustrated and felt like I had to hurry and be quiet because I started this project around 9pm and felt bad that I might be waking up the little neighbor girl. So I don't have any pics of that process...but it was not that super exciting really.

But here is the final product!

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