Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy Bee

Hey guys, Blog Hog here... When it rains it pours with my crafting. Maybe it's nesting already kicking in...but really guys, that is just how I am. I get super motivated and wanna get it all done NOW. And I am feeling a little time crunch as well I suppose.

Let's look at my list...

1. Recover the glider
2. Make a crib skirt
3. Recover the Boppy

4. Make a mobile (may
abandon this one...I am just not feeling it...will possibly pick up later)
5. Make quilt (have the rows sewn together, need to press, attach the back, quilt, and bind...sigh...sounded much closer to finished in my head...)
6. Make wall hangings
7. Re-paint the dresser (have not picked up the dresser yet,
hopefully on Friday)
8. Touch up book case (no excuse, just not done)
With that being said, here are some more fun projects I might pick up...
Should keep me busy, huh?
Well here is what I have accomplished so far this weekend. I finished the glider cushions. My first reupholstery project. And glad its complete. Not that it was tough, but of course, no pattern following made things more difficult than needed... But there really was not a good way to follow a pattern as all gliders are slightly different.

I took the fabric off the cushions and used the cushion, not the fabric, as a pattern to cut. (misleading picture...i measured without the fabric on...)

Then I sewed around 3 sides and left the back open. I folded it with clean edges and sewed that together as well. Looks kinda like a duck bill...

So I did this for both the top and bottom cushion and VOILA! The finished glider! I am pleased with how the fabric looks on it, nice and clean!

Then on to the Boppy cover. I think the Boppy I purchased must be abnormally sized. I followed the patter...I know, crazy...but it ended up kinda baggy. Oh well. It serves its purpose and I can always take it off if I don't like it.

Here is the one I bought ($5)Then I printed out the pattern and taped it together from A Load of Craft and cut the pieces out.

I sewed it together and put the zipper in and here is the finished look....
And for my next trick comes some wall hangings. I used some of the fabric I am using for the quilt. I went to JoAnn Fabric this morning to shop for the embroidery hoops because they have their Firefly Frenzy sale today and I had loads of coupons, but they only had one of the size I wanted and it was missing the screw. (Yep, I actually made it out of there coupons in hand and no bags of crafting goodness...) So then we went to Dollar Daze because I wanted to pick up some paint so I can start working on my canvases when I found the hoops....and for only $1!

And last, but not leas,t my easiest quilt ever assembled except for the binding... I bought too much of the fabric needed for the crib skirt and I also bought this cute little woodland creatures fabric that I was going to make a pillow out of....but decided that the 2 of them would make a lovely quilt! I sandwiched a layer of fleece I had laying around between the 2 and just followed along the squares of the fabric to quilt it. I decided I would continue with the easy quilt theme and just buy the binding instead of making it like I normally do. It would have been great if i would have gotten one a little wider. This skinny looks good, but is a pain in the behind to try to assemble. But it's done and I enjoy it.
The end. Of the Longest post ever....hopefully you guys made it to this point!

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