Monday, April 18, 2011

Pig Tails!

Yes... those were my pig tails. They are not so much anymore. My goal had always been to donate my hair, I just didn't know when. I had enjoyed my long locks for a while, but lately I had been struggling with my hair... there had been lots of shedding that was making me itchy.

So on Friday, I made an appointment, went in and they measured that I had enough hair. That was all I needed to hear- and they chopped it off! I go to an Aveda School, and had Nicole cutting my hair that evening. I thinks he was more nervous than I was about me losing my hair. At one point, I even promised her that I would not cry... it seemed like she was super worried about it. She also asked me how I wanted my hair cut then... um... I didn't really have an answer. Which is unique for me. I am normally the girl who buys hair magazines, (yes, those pitiful magazines of just pictures of hair)... but this time, I had no clue. So I told her shoulder length and I was open to suggestions. And away she went with the occasional check-in by her educator, Joe. (Yes, they are actually called educators, which cracks me up each time).

So I never actually took a before picture... so here are some recent pictures of me and my hair:
Picture from Christmas... I thought I had grabbed a soda out of the soda box, but instead I got one of Grandpa's gross beers that he had put in the soda box. EWWW.
Hair in Seattle (also me in Seattle with my sister)

And by recent... I apparently mean pictures taken in 2010. But I do have a more recent picture taken after hair cut and 8" of my locks heading off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

I would say it has probably gotten a bit curlier since then... this would be the stylist design. I'm still figuring it out. Maybe I should also take pictures of the new do with the DSLR instead of the cell phone, too. A project for a different day, I suppose.

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