Monday, April 11, 2011

You + Hubby = Makes me something to spoil!

So a friend of mine is preggers... which I'm super excited about! And this will probably be the topic of a few posts to come up because I'm throwing a baby shower!

This isn't about the baby shower though... it is about another special day in the life of soon to be parents:

Show Us Your Goods So We Know What We Are Having Day!

A real holiday right there. And for the soon to be baby spoiler/shower planner it was also a defining day as it told me what kind of shower I was planning. The mother and I had decided that if it was a girl, it was going to be Alice in Wonderland and Mexican Food (I'm not really sure how those two things go together either) and if it was a boy, it was going to be Mario Bros. themed with Italian food (this makes a little more sense to me). 

But in the mean time, I decided things needed to happen to celebrate this special holiday. I needed to send a gift... something they could put the ultrasound picture in and have in baby's room. And so off I went shopping to make this fun little number:

The current picture in there is the first ultrasound picture. Something to just hold the space until the baby defining ultrasound picture showed up. 

So what do you think? Are they having an Alice or a Mario?

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