Sunday, April 10, 2011

Having you in my life is like...

Eggs & Bacon?

Donuts & Coffee?

This Valentine's Day, I decided that I would send out cards to my family and friends. I had skipped Christmas again for the zillionth year because other things took over (deer head, wood carvings, book making, puzzle making, card making, etc). However it is the goal of my 30 in 30 to send out cards, so I did it for Valentine's Day! Besides... no one expects much for V-Day, so why not surprise people.

And if you are going to do things... why not make them functional? Why yes, I decided to make magnets.

And now these hopefully grace the refrigerators or filing cabinets of the 30 some people I decided to send them too... people did seem to like them. :-)

I think I may have a new hobby. Mailing things.

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