Wednesday, April 13, 2011

50 First Showers

It is not all that uncommon for brides to be to have wedding nightmares... you know they end up at the church naked or their groom doesn't show or someone ruins the wedding or they don't get the cake they had planned... you know, those types of dreams. (WHOA RANDOM LONG SENTENCE).

I am lucky that I don't have these... but Baby Shower Nightmares I am not immune to. Now I should preface this by saying that I have very vivid dreams. You can usually get at least one dream story a week from me... and they can vary on topic. And usually they are rather amusing.

So a while ago, Mama-To-Be and I were looking at ideas for a Mario Brothers themed party... and I found this cool picture that had tons of balloons behind the Mario cake. The picture had red balloons all tied together making a line of them behind the table, followed by yellow balloons, green balloons and blue balloons... you know, your standard Mario colors. Apparently my subconscious also thinks that this is a good idea.

So last night's dream was the same sequence of events over and over and over (and over) in which I could not get these balloons right. First I went to the balloon store and they wouldn't have enough of the right balloons. OR they would start giving my mylar balloons. OR they wouldn't follow my strict color plan. OR they would mix them all. OR I would send someone else to get the balloons and they would get the wrong ones. See how this was just repeating over and over and over?

The actual Baby Shower is taking place at a church that I have never been to... but I also had nightmares about this. The church in my dreams had the shower taking place in the gym of my childhood church and each time I would go to get things ready and either the little old women would come in before I was done and demand to eat and begin rioting, or there would be something wrong with the bathroom, or there would be a rat running around.

Does anyone remember the movie 50 First Dates? And every day she would wake up and they would begin dating for the first time again and have all those first date butterfly moments? Yeah.... that was what my dream was like, but I didn't have the butterfly moments of excitement. I had the stomach pit of doom. So odd...

And the weird part? I'm not nervous about this shower at all. I have it under control with the help of a few others. However, I do apologize in advance if I put you in charge of the balloons and you receive a detailed diagram of balloons and colors and how I want them to look. It's not me, it's my dreams.

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