Friday, October 29, 2010

The Stranger

My love for blogs is ever growing. Especially as I search for new fun things to do. And then I look at our blog and see that I don't have to much on here...gotta-get-a-crackin'!

So I decided I wanted a long term craft project. And as anyone who knows me knows....this is a recipe for disaster. But I am trying to overcome my ADD crafting tendencies. I have also really wanted to make a quilt for a long time now. It has just been too big of a committment for me though. I did try once, but I am too hasty to get squares to match up for very long so it was VERY short maybe 30 minutes.

I am not very fond of the "old lady" quilts. I wanted to do something fun and funky. And I found what I was looking for on the blog Click Click Sew: Raw Edge Circle Quilt

So I decided I wanted to do a little pink, black, and white. So I decided to take it slow and pick out 8 fabrics I liked from Joann's...and here is the result:

It is going to be my off and on project for the next couple of months (hopefully) as I have lots of christmas and birthday presents coming up. So I cannot dedicate my entire crafting free time to it. But I am hoping that if I announce it on the blog then I will have to somewhat keep up with it. Keep me inspired guys...and I shall keep you updated!

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