Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick Day Entertainment (Tracy)

So I was home sick a few weeks ago, and in between calling two doctors' offices and the pharmacy multiple times, along with waiting for prescriptions to be filled, I decided I needed a crafty project to fill up some of my time. I got my sewing machine for graduation a year and a half ago, but haven't had room to set it up since. Well since I now have a room solely for crafting....I was itching to test it out. I decided on a baby dress, since it was small and I could probably finish it in a day. I found a pattern online, bought a half yard of fabric, and went to it.

Since it was a summery dress, I picked a heavier fabric, hoping it would be more appropriate when paired with something under it. I also decided the dress was going to go to a former co-worker of mine, who has a darling little 2 month old. The pattern was for a 1-3 month dress, so I enlarged it a bit in the hopes that it will fit for most of the winter.

Gathering the skirt....


Almost finished product. I bought the wrong trim and had to go back to exchange it, so I didn't quite finish it on my sick day. Close though.

And here it is, trimmed up, tied up, and ready to be put in the mail! Hopefully baby Audrina enjoys it! :)

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  1. Tracy- this is so cute! It makes me wish I had little ones that I could spoil....