Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Biggest DIY Project

A month or so ago, I was reflecting upon life and realized that I was turning 30 in a little less than a year and a half. This wasn't really causing me to have an OMG freak out because I was going to be 30 but it did cause my to reflect what I have done, and what I could realistically try and do before I turned 30. From this self discovery time period, I decided to do a 30 things before I turn 30 list. Recently when I traveled to Seattle, I checked a few more off the list and was trying to figure out if this is something I should share here- when I realized that it made a great deal of sense.

My Second Birthday*

We have all taken on different projects- whether it be cooking, crafting, scrapbooking, or sewing, for example, but has anyone really reflected about the biggest project they have taken on? Themselves? Granted this isn't a solo project by any means- when I was born in a blizzard that January, I didn't have as much control on how I was going to form... my parents lead the way. At some point I started taking over a great deal of this project although others also would try to help shape the way- schooling, friends, family, etc. Now, I do have the control of the ingredients that will make up my recipe. And the 30 things by 30 is definitely part of my recipe.

I suppose you want to see what my 30 by 30 looks like.... well that isn't going to happen. What will happen is as I complete one or two, I will share with you what it was and what I did to complete it. So welcome to my very long extended series that will end in 2012: Project Me!

Have you ever had or currently have going a similar plan? What would you include on your list if you did?

*Things I love about this picture: My grandfather and my plaid clothing. The fact that my grandfather is wearing a name tag and the fact that my mother thought they needed name tags. Well to be honest, I don't know for sure that she provided said tag, but I highly doubt it was my father's idea... so I'll continue to believe it was her.

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