Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The S'moreo

So last week, my friend Val came up with a great idea.... the S'moreo. It's a smore in oreo format. So she shared it with the office. Office Patti then had the idea to email Nabisco (the maker of the Oreo) this great idea as well. And as lunches occurred, we would continuously re-invent it. We talked about it at a gathering on Saturday night, gathering the input of the office spouses. This could be fabulous.

So on Tuesday it was decided we should make them. MC had gotten materials. Val brought in the chocolate. And then the question of the actual cookie bottom came into play. It needed to be a graham cracker... but it should be round. How would one make a graham cracker round? So last evening, I made homemade graham crackers... and today the S'moreo came to fruition with the help and supplies from all in the office.

I present the Student Life S'moreo.... maybe some day it might be found at your local supermarket!

Photography by Val

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  1. This sounds amazing! I would definitely buy it if I saw it on the shelf...YUM!