Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh Deer Mary!

So I have a friend named Mary. She's also Kathleen's friend. I met her when I was in Ireland... and we traveled together to Germany during that summer.
Mary in Frankfurt
 Now we are facebook buddies... which is great when you have lived in another country because you can still keep in contact with friends.

My last day in Ireland, saying goodbye to Mary

So why is Mary coming up? Well about two weeks ago, she sent me a message on facebook that said, "I saw this... and thought of you".
You can purchase this here.

Which translated to.... you need to finish that post!

And I didn't. (Sorry Mary).

I did respond though that I needed to finish that series.

Mary agreed... about two weeks later. Telling me that she checks the blog every day... and she's waiting.

So Mary- this post is for you! (And Hi!)

As I mentioned in the last post (ages ago)... I had put together the deer and then I needed to place the clay recipe on.

After I did this, I let it dry... and would add on a new layer... and let it dry again.

Next I took it to Wisconsin to have my father help me sand it down some. This was important because at this point I couldn't use my right hand due to a break in my elbow... so no power there.

Then I picked out the appropriate colors for the antlers and painted them on.... I also painted the facial area so if attached the fur didn't completely cover, no one would know the better.

Then I added the eyes I purchased from Joann's and made the leather nose. It needed teeth, so some random beads were found that could double as teeth.

Now you remember I told you that the inspiration deer had cheese in its mouth. I had to find cheese. I tried to make my own.... BUT then I went to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. Home of the cheeseheads. So that Black Friday/Shopping Weekend, my mother and I searched for a cheese chunk of some sort. And failed... so we went  to the Outagamie Airport... and found a cheese coaster. In the shape of Wisconsin. Success. So the cheese was added.

And it was mounted on to a board with the Deer's name. William B. Deer. When visiting in October, I found out that F-BIL always uses William B. ____________ when telling someone who the famous person was. So for example... let's say I want to know who discovered the city of Dearborn. F-BIL would make up a story about William B. Dearborn's great conquer. And he does it quickly that if you don't know better... you might actually believe him.

And here is the deer:

And was F-BIL excited?

I would say yes. Especially since it then went up on my parents' living room wall the next day as we cheered the Packers to another victory... (WOOOOO!)

And then it was to be shipped to Seattle (this is where the story gets a bit sad).

As I was driving out in blizzard to see my BFF who is all about having Christmas traditions, I received a phone call from F-BIL. He had received the package and was super excited to hang it above the fire place in before Sissy Poo arrived home from work. Because while F-BIL loved the deer, Sissy Poo both loved it and was mortified. Her mortification was due to knowing it was going in her house and that F-BIL thought it should be above the fire place in the living room... not in the Sports themed office as she desired. This phone call wasn't about happy endings though... instead there had been a bit of an accident and the antler had cracked. So the next time I head out to Seattle, I have a repair to do... but still Sad Deer sat proudly above the fireplace and watched the Packer's win the Super Bowl.

Now that I've said that.... I think the Deer should get to stay. I bet that is why we were able to celebrate a Super Bowl win. What do you think F-BIL?

There you go Mary! Happy Reading!

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