Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Thing First

I'm working on making this look more like home. Any thoughts? Changes? Let me know...


  1. i really like it like this...with the pictures like you had on it before

  2. Those will be back.... I'm going to do that as one picture grouping though instead of the many that I had before so it looks more uniform. Just waiting for everyone's pictures.

  3. I love the layout and the pics - it looks wonderful! You are a rock star for setting all of this up - thank you! The red text is slightly difficult for me to read on my work machine. Would it be possible to either darken the red to more of a maroon or change it no a navy or something easier on the eye? If not no big deal but thought I would throw it out there.

    I have finally posted my first post - will start working on my second. I keep making things and then not documenting them - but hopefully tonight I will actually document the new recipe I am trying. I am so excited to be a part of this! Thank you everyone for including me.