Saturday, September 11, 2010

Allison's Inaugural Craft Address

I am SUPER glad to be able to share with you my craft for the weekend!! I work much better and efficiently when I have a set flying from project to project today folks! So we received this lovely letter in the mail yesterday about creating a quilt square for Lisa's baby that is due in November:
Nothing excites me more than a good old fashioned crafting challenge! Reminded me slightly of my third grade turkey decorating project. You know the drill...they give you an outline of a turkey and you decorate as you please. I went all out. I mean ALL OUT! Colorful feathers, sequins, glitter, ribbon. I think I even told my mom it was a competition just so we could go out and buy more supplies. You don't want to thwart this competitive spirit. I was the first one hung up next to our door in the hallway. Because it was the best or because my last name started with a "B"...the world will never know. I wonder if we still have it...

Alright, back on subject here... As some of you may recall I was working on a blanket with a wild animal theme a little over a month ago, when I was stuck because I needed a plethora of brown material and I had a freeze put on my crafting budget. I decided I would bring it down to a smaller scale. The inspiration came from .

Here is pre-embroidery with just my pieces cut out of felt (tree) and fleece (animals):
And....drum roll please....
(i need to fasten the lion's head down a lil' more so it does not look so off centered...but overall I am pleased with the outcome!)

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  1. SO CUTE! I love it, and I'm sure Lisa will too!