Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crafting- I'm not being lazy

So I promise I'm not being lazy. Seriously. Over the weekend I did a woodburning gift for my sister and her boyfriend for their housewarming gift. It turned out well... but I can't show you because I plan to make more for Christmas gifts. And so yeah, no publications. Then I worked on my uncle and his fiance's wedding invite samples. I want to take a bunch to them in November. But I can't post those either as I don't want her to find it until I show them to them in November. Finally I have gone shopping. This I can share. I went to Hobby Lobby and walked out with two pieces of foam core and a piece of wood for the price of $5.43. The original price of one piece of foam core was 4.99. SCORE!

Finally I also went to Michael's tonight with a coupon and got two pieces of scrapbook paper for 20 cents each, 3 coloring books ($1.00 each) and a tin to send cookies in at 50% off. Grand total for that trip=$5 and some odd cents. GLORIOUS! Now to continue on with many of the projects that are some what secretive because Christmas is coming up- (and a whole lot of the current plans are Christmas things).

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