Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

That's what little girls are made of....

So a few years ago, a certain friend of mine was getting married... and I was in her wedding. And so my intake of wedding blogs each week went crazy... and has not stopped. During that time though, I found some favorite authors who I started following on their personal blogs. Well of course, since they have gotten married, some of them have added to their little families. Which means I've moved from some wedding blogs to pregnancy blogs to baby blogs.

While reading the newest baby blogs, I found directions on how to make hair bows. SO ADORABLE. And while I read this cycle of blogs, I'm not exactly in that cycle... which means I had no reason to make them.

Then, one of my friends gave birth to a baby girl... and now we can make hairbows!

So exciting. These hairbows are the ones that you attach to headbands... interchangeable hairbows means you can match more outfits. I bought the headband at Meijer and it is basically a large material headband with a small piece of ribbon that circles the headband that you attach the bow to.

To make these, you'll need:

Glue Gun & Glue
Hair clips

To begin, you need to make 3 circles out of cardboard. Just use three objects that are variable sizes. My smallest circle was a soda can.

You can see that I numbered them to make it easier.

Then cut out four circles out of your fabric in each size. You can see that I wanted to use tulle for the one, so I did 8 instead so it would have enough impact.

Next put a dot of glue in the middle of the circle on the unfinished side of fabric and hold. Be careful that you don't burn yourself!
Then put another dot of glue where my thumb is in the picture and then fold the two edges in and hold. You are going to do this for all of the circles.

Now, my interest in using the hot glue gun and tulle and my bare hand was lackluster. So I decided for the middle layer, I would get the thread and needle out. And did the same thing, but tacked it together by sewing it. I also decided that instead of bothering cutting the string, it would be easier to just keep them on one thread.

Then cut out a piece of felt the same size as circle three. Then put a huge dot of glue in the middle and start placing the largest pieces around to form a circle.

You are going to keep on doing this with each layer until you are done, adding glue each time before each layer.

Then add on the hair piece. I put a piece of felt on to help hold it down, as you can see in the picture.

Finally, I had to make the circle piece in the middle. You can also use a button or other fun item. To do the rosette piece, cut a piece of fabric 9 inches x 2 inches or so. Fold it in half so it becomes a 1 inch x 9 inch piece. Iron it. Then tie a knot, and start twisting the fabric and gluing it on to the knot until its the size you want. Finally glue it down.

And here is the final product! Thank you friend, for having a girl so I can make random hairbows....

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