Monday, October 8, 2012


Is it me you're looking for?  Or is anyone even out there?  I thought I would bring back some new life to this blog and see if we can get things kick started again!

Speaking of new life, I realized since my last post I have a little new life in my life.  (well, not so NEW anymore, but 13 months new...)  He's been quite the project, and probably my best so far!

He's a handsome little fella...
I also have another new project-baby...
Hurray new house! projects have been kinda hidden for a while and unblogged.  :(  And I have gone a little "Pinning Crazy" on pinterest.  So I figured I needed to jump back on the blog and keep myself accountable.  My goal is to get one project a week done.  At least one.  Hopefully. 

Coming list.  (I started this post a couple weeks ago and have changed some goals and actually completed some of the projects I had on there already...)

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