Monday, May 30, 2011

Mamma Mia! It's the cake!

When it comes to cakes, I tend to have outlandish ideas. Part of that comes from the fact that my mom is a wedding cake decorator. Another part comes from the fact that I worked at a bakery in high school and during college and so I know the norm and I know the fantastic. It also has something to do with the fact that I have a small bakery in my kitchen when it comes to my decorating supplies.
So when it was determined that my mom was going to be making the trip from Wisconsin to the shower, it made most sense that she was going to be doing the cake.

Soon the discussion began of what the shower would look like... thankfully, my mother knows her daughter and knew that I would be wanting a two tier. And so a two tier it was. I started searching for Mario & Luigi for the top and made the purchase.
She decorated the cake at the bakery and put the two tiers together in Michigan... a two tiered cake traveling 500 miles was not a good idea. Thankfully the two layers traveled well, providing a beautiful cake at the front of the room.

To see more of my mom's work, please check out her wedding cakes.
Oh- do you see the items sitting in front of the cake? Well those are nametags made to look like little Mario/Luigi hats. Everyone had the person's first inital and their name written on the hat. L's were green, M's were red and then I went from there picking colors. P was pink of course, because I'm a P. Yay!
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